the day after yesterday, which was my birthday (yesterday, not the day after)

yesterday was my birthday.

yeah for dad and sharon coming to visit.

good conversations and good to spend time with the family. would like to have seen ash and maybe talk to her more than i did. reality of long distance and such sets in.

need to spend time with local friends... don't think most knew it was my birthday. just been too busy with work and various side projects. amy and the church crew keep reaching out to me with lots of invites and phone calls, but it seems i never get the message until after their outing is finished. need to work on lines of communication.

i'm the kind of friend who needs to be reached out to - to be refreshed that, yes, so-and-so really does want to hang with me. amy does a great job of that but i do a horrible job of recipicating.

spoke with andy friday; missed him more than i knew.

looking forward to chicago w/james. never had a more loyal friend than him. chicago was a hobby-awakening time for me... be interesting to see how it effects me (if at all) this year.

nervous about the fact that i'm gone 4 out of the next 5 weekends. going to hurt the cashflow.

starting next week there will be 4 of us living in my lil house. so much for privacy in the month of august.

feeling sleepy. long long day but sprinkled with some very good conversation.