My First Article going to Print!

Way back in June of 2007, I was contracted to write an article for Deacon Magazine.  LifeWay works on a very far ahead schedule for their magazines and that first article I was contracted for should be out this coming quarter's edition of the magazine.

Mid-January I was contracted to write for Collide Magazine.  A couple of days ago, Scott McCellan announced on the Collide blog that the March/April issue of the magazine (with my article on multi-site church technology in it) went to press.  It's exciting to finally know that a piece that I worked on is on it's way in the mail to my hands. Hooray!  You can subscribe to the magazine here.

In other freelance news, Deacon Magazine has contracted me for a Futures-related article.  This is incredibly exciting for me as Futures research for the church/technology is where I'm heading a few years down the road.  I'm in the Futures degree program at University of Houston, so it's pretty awesome to be able to write about the topic already.  Not sure how I'll crush my thoughts down to 1200 words... but we'll see how it goes!