Third Time This Week

So what is it that I've learned these past days

About faith and God and mankind's ways?

People whose thoughts and beliefs seem so empty

Is that the way they see me?

It starts with a simple game of boy meets girl

Skipping over the law of boy meets world

Forget about the way into the city pearled

Leave behind friends and brothers

Attract the girl whose face is most painted and hair most curled

Make sure you're known and you're seen

Because you can't miss out on anything

Sing your song and dance your dance

How good is the offering you bring?

Lose the plot, drop the ball

And close your eys as we fall

Is this how it has to be

Just because He forgave us all?

Now bow your head and talk to God

It's time to be reverant its time to be calm

But don't pay attention, just look around

Hold your girlfriend's palm

Go up front once more, third time this week

Just what is it you're looking for?

Ask forgiveness, ask for love

You know He'll always give some more.