Prayer, etc

Well well...

for the first time I actually feel I have something to say on here! Exciting, isn't it? :-)

So last Wednesday was a sad day... for the first time this season I watched the TV show ANGEL by myself.

You see, I have this little thing where I like my friends to meet my other friends and so on, making one big happy family of people I know. I figure that it's been hard for me to make friends in a post-college world, so other people must have the same issues... so I try to help by pooling all our resources together.

So, for the season premeire of ANGEL, almost all of my Nashville friends (yup, all... um... 6 of them...) plus one of my roomates and I watched ANGEL together. It was good times had by all, with sharing of some food and whatnot as well...

But slowly, slowly that number has dwindled... not becuase I'm losing friends, but the fellowship of a large group seems to be more of a priority to me than it does to my friends. No biggie... it was a worthwhile venture.

So yeah, Wednesday I was bumming... watching a great episode all by myself. I was also stressing over my not-so-great financial situation (which actually took a turn for the better that day... but it's turn for the better just made me realize how much effort and thought of my life went into my finances). I also was communicating through email with several past friends... friends that are getting married, friends that are getting to serve Christ in foreign countries, friends that are just enjoying being young. What it came down to was this... I realized that I wasn't entirely happy.

Not that I was upset or distraught... I just wasn't... as excited as I could have been/should have been.

So it was a pretty simple prayer of... God... I need some help.

And wow... how one prayer works!

Now then, before I turn cliche and become one whom Voltaire hates (quoth his song "God Thinks": "I hate people who thank God when things go right"), let me just say this: Sometimes things do just go right, not because of some divine interaction but because they do.

Other times things go right because yes, we did tell God about a need and He did respond in a way that we find as positive. Lately in my life I've tried to not tell God my needs. So often we slam Him with request after request after request... never just spending time with him in simple conversation... never thanking him, being "happy the way things are"... never trying to show love for Him as more than a suggestion box hoping to make the right suggestion to win a reward. But last Weds I was just so bummed that I had to humble myself and as the Creator of all things for a lil pick-me-up.

Since then, I've experienced the freedom to try new things... I've met new people... and I've had joy and happy disapointment in relations.

And then, tonight, a year-long quest came to fruition... I'll soon be volunteering at Rocketown:! I know I know... being excited about getting to physical labor... for free? YES! They have a great ministry and are in the thick of things where I want to be.

I mean... first night there and I make a great new friend whose musical tastes are as eclectic as mine... what other shop in Nashville can go from playing They Might Be Giants ( to Over the Rhine ( back to back? Yup, you just knew a friendship had to occur somehow.

And, as I was hanging out there, I got to see one of the most spiritually-beautiful women I know after not seeing her for several months! Yeah for hopefully future-hanging out time... it's a shame how friends can lose touch due to busy-ness and business.

Not to mention that, on top of all this, things are really going great at work. I've been able to wake up pretty regularly to be there in the mornings... we got approval to have a sound expert come in and help me with running through the sound equipment (it'll take prob 3 day to do what would have taken me, alone, at least a month)... I've got some great video projects coming up (including a film shoot in Canada)... I'm going to get to switch to a dual-display set-up in the office... oh, and the cafeteria has a new style of Quesdillas (one of my fav foods) that rawks!

Now, if only I could get our comp CD to have a few more songs that my ears don't bleed to... one word and a number: Jump5. Why, Lord, why..?

All in all, a good week in the life of Aaron Linne. And I must say - things seem to have that 'touch' to them... not a falling in place, but a placement from God. Good good stuff.

Now then, I'm done being a girl and playing dear diary... just finally felt I had something worth saying on this silly little site of vanity and wanted to get it out there. Hmph - praising God on the internet. If only Al Gore knew what he was inventing....