All That Can Be

And I'm sitting here, waiting for her to call,

Scared that maybe, somehow, I devised my own fall.

Wanting so badly to be with her, spend time with her;

Forgetting to talk it all out together

And I'm sitting here, waiting to hear her voice,

Letting me know her decisions, what will be her choice.

Wanting so badly for her to pick me, to be with me;

All I'm thinking about is me, me, me.

And I'm sitting here, her face in my mind,

The mosst beauteous and strong and pleasant one could find.

Wanting so badly to hold her smile in my lips, to touch her lips;

Teasing and taunting and trying to build friendships.

And I'm sittin ghere, trying to put into words what I think,

Understanding the faillings of the flesh, knowing its her spirit I want to drink.

Wanting so badly to be good and trusting, for her just to trust me;

Just sitting here, hoping for all that can be.