God's Monolouge

So, this is how it has to be.
It wasn’t supposed to be this hard, you know.
A creation in peaceful bliss - but with free will.
All I wanted was something to choose to worship me...
Something other than what I already had.
Then I fell in love with them.

The serpent was blamed by Eve,
Eve was blamed by Adam...
Was Adam blamed by me?
Nevertheless, I gave them Eden, and they gave me sin.

One mistake then exile.
That’s all I thought it would take.
Then came the brothers and jealousy and blood.
Then came civilization.

Enoch and Elijah - they were the only ones who really grasped it all.
Everyone else messed up in the end.
Noah standing naked before his peers.
Lot continuing the tradition of his home.
David and Bathsheeba.
When will they learn?

I tried making men that were more than mortals,
But Samson’s strength fled.
I let my own nation follow the ways of the world,
But Saul chose madness.

What else have I to give?

If that’s what they want, what they need...
Then they’ll get it.
They’ll never know quite what it means,
Why it all happened.
They’ll never understand it all...
But they’ll understand enough, I guess

It’s the only option.
I guess that means its time to give Mary my seed.
Time to prepare the bridegroom.
All because of love.
All because I fell in love.