ticket to visit the dream king

So it's 10:40pm and I'm trying to get my body to wind down. The problem is... I don't know how to do it.

I used to have a routine in college... my friend Thorny and I would sit and drink some tea... a nightcap to the evening before we went to bed. It got my body into a routine... the tea signalled bedtime. So I looked to drink some tea... but my roomies have drank all or my bottled water while I was away to Cincy... and I can't stand tap water.

So I called the gal-whom-I-am-dating-yet-am-not-yet-exclusive-with, Daphne, only to be greeted by her voice mail. I was hoping for a lesson from her on how she gets to sleep. Oh well.

I thought about reading something... but I do that far too often. I'll try to read a comic book before I go to bed... but comics are like caffiene for the brain and I find that reading them only makes me more awake and imaginative.

So I figured I'd speak on my plight here on my little site-o-vanity and hope something effective leaves my brain and triggers something in me that says "oh! he wants to go to sleep. all systems, prepare for noctural rest."

But I don't guess that will happen.

Where oh where will i find my ticket to visit the Dream King.

Eh. I wish I had something to say. I guess I'll just watch the new episode of He-Man.

It's now 10:53. That took way too long to write.