Griffen House Concert Report (sans Griffen, with a side of awkwardness)

Saw Daphne.
Saw Daphne's new boyfriend rub all over her.
Felt awkward
(with a side of "Yup, I knew that he wanted her the first time I met him").

Saw Daphne's cute best friend, Allison.
Got Daphne's cute best friend, Allison's, phone number.
Felt awkward
(with a side of "I'm glad Al and I will get to remain friends - I was worried I wouldn't get to hang out with her again").

Tried to leave early to avoid an awkward goodbye with Daphne.
Daphne bought a CD and gave it to me.
Felt awkward
(with a side of "I suppose this is closure").

Oh, and Griffen rocked as expected. With a band, none-the-less.