Re: Erin McKewon Concert

There is a word more beautiful than all others in song: Alleluia.

Whether Resse Roper sings it, whether the guy from For All the Drifters sings it, whether you mom sings it during sunday morning services. The word is beautiful.

I think the word is beautiful because it is one of the few remaining words that has been reserved not for secular devices, but for the sacred. It's a word that has no comparable meaning in the English language... its a "magical" word. And when people sing it...

When someone around you sings it you are gifted with a hint of their worship. You are given a glimpse of their communion with God. It's a greater gift than getting to interact with another human created by God - it's getting to see a lover sing to their creator.

I don't know Erin McKeown's religous standings. I don't know if she's a follower of Christ or if she offers sacrifices to the Nine Muses; I know tonight I head her sing the word Alleluia. And it was beautiful.

My God, my God... how can it be that in Heaven the choir will be made of so many beautiful souls with beautiful voices? How can it be that Michael Knott will sing with Natalie LaRue will sing with Michael W Smith will sing with Jennifer Knapp will sing with David Bazan will sing with... maybe... Erin McKeown? Will we get to hear them sing their songs of love again, or be overwhelmed by the praises they give to you?

Will you allow them to have a throwback concert where they play a few earthly tunes? Will you even allow a slightly imperfect pitch or out of tune guitar?

Strange it is, perhaps, that tonight to shook hands with Erin and all I can think of is Heaven. Perhaps that's the greatest compliment one can give an artist. Her songs, her music... though in no way planned or contrived or desired to do so - her songs redirect my thoughts to the very Creator of harmony and chords and language and vocal chords and electrical current to run the sound system.

Yes, Erin is that good in concert. And yes, her "Alleluia" was even more beautiful than her face.