Super-Hero Happy Hour

50 entires. Yeah.

I'm still astounded by the fact that there is documented, scientific proof that there is a mutant - a potential super-hero - among us.

What in the world will become of this boy? Will he win world records in every atheletic class? Will his body crumble under his own mass? Will he don a costume and fight villianry in Germany?

I guess it was just a matter of time. I mean, think about it... who is more a super-villian than bin Laden? He has a secret lair in underground cave tunnels. He has a network of anynomous soldiers who die for the cause he sets before them; and they are actually effective in disrupting society. He gets messages to the mass media... does he take over all the televisions in the world from his underground lair? No - we do that for him.

So we have a super-villain and a young super-hero-in-the-making. Scientists are already pawing all over him with the hopes of recreating his mutation... creating a kind of physical super-human... hello Captain America.

How long is it until we see cyborgs fighting crime? Until there is a true division... those who are physically adept like this german child and us... the normal ones?

And what will be next? Will the body mutate in other ways? This super-human strength and muscular system is most certainly just the beginning.

I know I know, I sound dramamtic... but isn't it that all non-fiction eventually becomes true? Submarine, space travel... when will time travel happen? When will anti-gravity become common place? Just a few days ago the first non-government space launch occured. In our life time we'll be able to travel in the Earth's orbit just as easy as we travel in planes...

Times are changing. When are we going to start seeing a return to the spiritual for Christian? When will we start relying on miracles instead of just beilieving them? Is some Wiccan going to garner more proof of her spell-casting and dealings with the super-natural than we Christians will (because the wiccan community would actually support their witch while the Christian community would blatantly disassociate with whatever person the Holy Spirit brought a miracle through...)?

I'm excited about life suddenly... it may turn out to be more interesting than any of our forefathers dreamed.