i find it strange.

i was at a worship service tonight... and it's not that the preacher did a bad job at preaching... it's just...

i'm beginning to think that I just don't get it. that somehow i disconnected from the christian culture where we think that people are just going to "accept Christ" because someone says we should from a stage. Because someone promises freedom and peace and joy... when it seems the church has been portrayed as a depressing set of rules and regulations.

where's the story? the grand adventure?

it just seems that, having experienced a taste, a sliver of the world... it just seems that a funny story and a few open promises aren't going to cut it. I'm not saying that it wouldn't or it doesn't... and I'm sure people have come to know Christ through sermons like that... and conversations like that... but it seems so empty.

I just don't know why we've pulled away from the grand story of Creation and Christ to talk about... silly stories that make people laugh. Sure, there is a place for laughter... but it just seems like we leave out so much of what makes our faith alive and true.

Maybe I don't understand about preaching... maybe I missed some memo somewhere... but that which will draw people near to Christ is EXPERIENCING Christ... not just talking abuot what will happen afterwards... but telling people why we should care about Christ in the first place.

Why has that become so unusual?