dog days

so, for our Valentine's gifts to each other, Ash and I got dogs from the humane society.

and they are a handful. two 1-year old dogs, both a bundle of energy and jealous for attention in an unbelievable way. when i come home you think that to them, it's the second coming of Christ. they literally got into a fight, biting each other (not playfully) to see who could jump up at me for my affections.

there is no easier self-esteem booster than getting a dog that likes you.

so far they already ran away once by digging under the fence, so I'll need to fix that up. until then they hang out in the garage during the day and in my room when I'm home. they found happy real interesting at first, but not pretty much ignore her. i'm proud of my bunny - she stood her ground and sniffed them just as much as they sniffed her.

the cat is slowly getting used to them, after having molly sniff his (clark the cat's) butt and ... em... licking it.

Bradshaw is an aussie cattle dog. This means he likes to nip at heels if people don't stay in line and is one of the most loyal breeds of dogs you can get. As well as most active - they're bred to run over 20 miles a day. He likes killing stuffed animals like his ducky and the Hulk (go here to see the fight: and he likes peeing only where Molly has peed before.

Molly is a princess of the terrier breed. She's a mix; Ash thinks she has a lot of Norfolk in her (i think) whereas I think she's more Cairn. She likes just sitting the peacefully until you give her attention. Then she'll just sit there and look at you full of contentment. I'm not too sure she likes Bradshaw as he's a little less mature than her - I think she uses him for protection.

The dogs were strays together, then raised together for a little while before given to the Humane Society. As such, we were able to get both for the price of one... they're a random pair of dogs, but seem to get along ok. Molly couldn't care less where Bradshaw is, but if Molly leaves Bradshaw's leash area, his world stops. Sigh - I guess he really loves her underbite.

Ashley's been great with the dogs as these are first dogs she's gotten to take care of. She get showered with affection like I do, so I'm glad to see they realize that even though they see more of me, she's their master too. Anyone who wants to swing by and meet these two crazy kids come one by - just let us know when!