the sun was jealous of the moon (comic script version)

Page 1

Journal:  My name is Carlos, and I am the last living human.

Over the shoulder view from Carlos on the moon looking at a scorched, destroyed Earth.


Pages 2 & 3

Journal:  I had a beautifully horrific view of the destruction.  The Sun set out a solar flare that was immense, like a whip trailing across our little Universe.  When the flare made contact with Earth, it was with such precision one might have thought the Sun was jealous of the moon’s eternal dance with our world.  The flare cracked upon the Earth, destroying it.  I saw it all happen; I watched the destruction of my homeworld happen in a flash, before humanity had a chance to say a prayer.


Page 4

Journal:  Life as the final human has been surprisingly mundane.  I have enough rations to last another three years, so I won’t be dying anytime soon.  Unless, of course, I decide to release the oxygen tanks.  I’ve thought about it.

 I spent a week burying each of my companions.  They didn’t last very long out here.  We never got along too well anyhow.  Who am I writing this for?

Page 5

Carlos sitting on a moon rock, playing tic-tac-toe against himself.  In the distance we see some objects in the sky, flying towards the moon.  Carlos notices them, as they get closer, and starts to run.


Page 6

Spalsh page of Carlos running, with human bodies slamming the moon all around him.


Page 7

Carlos takes cover under the his moon base/ship and the bodies start to slow down.

Carlos speaking: Bodies.


Page 8 & 9

Carlos begins to walk around the bodies, inspecting them.

Carlos:  Hello?  Is anyone alive?

Carlos: Mary? Dad?

Carlos: Oh please, someone be alive.  Please, what’s your name? Please?

Carlos falls weeping on a charred body.


Page 10

Carlos looks up.

Carlos: Thank you, God.

We see the shadow of a person walking towards Carlos.

Calros: Please be real, please be real

We get a close up of a hand touching Carlos’s spacesuit, where his chin would be… the hand seems to be on fire.


Page 11

Splash page of the female personification of the Sun.  Well… Carlos’s delusion of the personification of the sun.

Sun: Hello, Carlos.  I’ve come to save you.

Carlos: Save me?

Sun: I love you, Carlos.  I am the Sun, and I take what I want.

Carlos: Why me?


Page 12-13

Conversation between the Sun and Carlos

Sun: There were too many humans.  I just wanted you, Carlos.

Carlos: But I’m no one special.  Why am I the last to live?

Sun: You’re a survivor, Carlos.  You must be special if you still live.  Don’t you love me?

Carlos: Love you?

Sun: Yes, Carlos.  Love me. You’re the last human to live… surely you know what love is.  Surely you want to love and be loved.  Isn’t that what humanity is all about?

The Sun begins to walk away.

Carlos:  Please don’t let me die alone.

Sun:  Come love me, Carlos.


Page 14

Carlos walks on the charred bodies, trying to follow the Sun who is walking out of the atmosphere toward the real Sun.  We see a smile on Carlos’s face.


Page 15

Carlos is in his ship, strapping in.  We see him at the controls, preparing for take off.  The ship lifts off


Page 16

Carlos’s ship is drifting towards the sun.