now contributing at...

I'm now contributing at the blog.  I got to interact with it's curator, DJ Chuang after the Q Conference earlier this year (I really need to finish up my series on that... where did my notes go?) and, in an effort to be a little more intentional with my time, mentioned contributing for him at the site.  He took me up on the offer, and there we go!I'll probably keep up with those posts here the same way I do with my Threads posts... give a teaser and then let you click on through if you're interested.  So, without further ado, my first digital.leadnet post!


I attend a church with a lot of artists - singer/songwriters, video producers, and actual painters/illustrators. Throughout our Sunday Mornings we often try to find ways to utilize them in some form or fashion during the worship service, so they have a time and place to give back some of their talents to God. However, we also have some technical-minded people: programmers, database analysts, and web designers. It doesn't always seem fair that they don't get to find an outlet for their skills and talents to be used for worship or discipleship.

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