LifeWay Conversations

So... I recently got a new job, working as a Digital Media Producer for LifeWay.  What that means is that I will get to prepare our normal content for online delivery, including audio, video, and print.  This is something I've been doing for LifeWay in iTunes for over two years now, but this new position will have me doing it for all of  Needless to say, I'm excited.

As a part of this new position, I'll also get to be creating some original content.  While we're still in the process of creating the necessary digital workflow, I've taken my downtime to drop in on people's offices and get them to talk about what they're working on.  The videos are then placed throughout I've already got several of them out there.

So, you might see some (all?) of the videos show up on my blog here, just to keep you updated with what I'm working on here.  I figure a little video wouldn't hurt to spice up the site, too.  Enjoy, and try to give me some feedback on if I should collect them all here, or keep the blog and my LifeWay work separate.  Thanks!