Craig Webb and

One of my first days here in the new office, my friend Craig Webb called me into his office to help with a power point presentation he was posting online.  I was confused as to what he was doing and what the actual intent was... and I found out that we apparently offer a bunch of free sermon outlines and power point presentations to go with them online.  Part of Craig's job is to get the sermon outlines from pastors across the nation, and create a resource bank for our pastors to use.I was a bit stumped that I've worked here for five years and never knew about some of the free resources we offer, so I made it a point to get Craig on film talking about it.  This video ended up becoming a video intro for the entire pastor's area.  [ appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/30228/84903&embedId=10030592&locale=en]