Chandra Bennett and YOU

I first met Chandra when I was working with LifeWay's Customer Service tool, RightNow.  I had to train her on how to use the system as she was taking over the responsibilities for LifeWay's Extra, an online help for our Sunday School lessons.  My wife got to work with her extensively during the quarters she wrote for Extra, as Chandra was her editor.

Chandra is the editor for LifeWay's new YOU curriculum, a part of our new African-American initiative.  I wanted to interview her because I'm quite excited that LifeWay is reaching out from our traditional material style and trying to be more multi-cultural with our products.  The YOU curriculum is still a ways off (Fall of 2008), but Chandra already had some proofs she was able to show off.  I'm really excited to see what comes out of this team, and how they pave the way for us to be more relevant to other ethnicities.

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