Well, I just had two long, exciting days at work.

Now I'm a touch tired.

This week we brought people in for usability tests on a new web service we're working on.  Honestly, I have to say that the process was pretty exciting.  Basically we get people to come in and look at the application, and I run them through each page asking them questions about what they're seeing and what they think is going to happen on the page.

It is truly remarkable how many things you see for the first time through someone else's eyes.  The process was a tremendous success; some fairly consistent responses.  I think one of the ways you can tell the testing works is when you get through 8 people and you're thinking "Gee, this one thing is so obvious.  I wish we had just changed it earlier so we could have gotten different feedback".  If everyone has a similar/same complaint, then clearly it's something we need to fix.

I feel just a complete sense of success from yesterday and today's usability testing.

Unfortunately, it was almost like a siren's call telling me it's time to think about what comes next for me career-wise.  In my current job I do project management, usability testing, website statistics/metrics, iTunes sales, technical support, etc etc.  I enjoy it all, but I'm still trying to see what's next; will one of those portions of work be able to turn into a full-time oppertunity for me?  I've been able to excel/succeed in almost everything they've thrown at me... I'm ready to dive in deep into one of them.  I've been in this role for two years now; it seems so long to me but I'm sure my bosses see that as such a short period of time.

 Come what may, I'll make an adventure of it.  I hope that I'm telling the story of hope and love every day; I hope that I'm a storyteller first and a customer service tech second, a statistician second, a project manager second.  Life is a good story; I'm glad to be living it.

Ah, how stream-of-consciousness posts can make such little sense.  I hope to catch my breath this weekend and think about Will Wright's keynote.