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had first real frustrating night with the camera.... lots of pictures turend out blurry, out of focus, etc. it was disappointing to look at 141 photos and only a couple of them be decent, and even les be "good". I guess it's ok to have an off night.

I need to learn more about what I"m actually doing with this camera. Shooting from a distance to a stage deffinately takes some finesse. One of my problems, I think, is that the drummer was really well lit, but Sh4wn wasn't. As suck, it was messing up my shutter, focus, etc. Like I said, I need to learn some of the more technical stuff so I can shoot more manually.

On a good note, however, lowercase collective rawked tonight. Even though I've been to dozens of the shows, I'm usually performing with them as a VJ. We didn't do that tonight, so I got to see the actual show and se them rock out. They haven't played out in a few months, but they seemed tighter as a band than ever. Seriously good job, guys