New Questions: Clone

There are going to be new questions that need new answers.  There are truths that the Christian body will always hold on to - and should hold on to.  But the fact that we have opinions, that we hold to truths and that we oppose the chaging morals and new actions of the cultre.... the fact that we disagree with the movement of society does not mean that society is not moving.  Our whole culture is wrestling with these questions...  so don't we as a body of believers need the freedom to figure out what we're going to do with these questions?

How soon will we have to deal with the question of do human clones have souls?  Do they have ties to the garden of Eden?  Are they a new thing, a continuation of the human race and so on and so forth?  I can ask a million questions... but before we even get there, do we wrestle with this?

Now scientists create a sheep that's 15% human

What do I do with a sheep that is 15% human?  If I decide now that the DNA that makes this sheep scientifically human is NOT human, then what do I decide when the DNA is half human?  When the sheep is 51% human... more human than sheep?

Human clones... when they happen, we can talk to them.  We can see them and love them and maybe the Holy Spirit will bring forth a prophet who can see the maybe-souls of the duplicated race.  Not matter what, if I meet a clone in my lifetime, then I will err on the side of love and grace and choose to know that clone like I would choose to know any other human being.

But what in the world do I do with a sheep/human chimera?