90 Days: Judges

It's nights like these where it seems possible to read the Bible... and to truly enjoy it!

I finished up Judges, read through Ruth, and stepped into 1 Samuel.  It was a great read; I had been growing weary of all the rules and regualtions.  However, I found that reading all the rules and geneolgy really helps out with the rest of the readings.  Knowing who the tribes are and how close they should love each other made it so much more tragic when Isreal goes to war against their very own brothers, Benjamin.  How far apart had these tribes grown!  Oh, they were supposed to be this beautiful nation, an example... but now they are fighting and slaughtering one another.

Knowing the rules help with a taste of the life of the times; how Ruth knew that if she didn't take care of Naomi, Naomi would have no place in society.

I really liked Judges, though.  After all the rules and regulation and such, Judges just comes at you with a bunch of different action movies.  Seriously - they could do a whole epic series of movies just based on the Judges.  (Hmmm....)  Even Ruth would fit in to the series, as her story is almost like a sidenote to the Judges [During the time of the judges...  Ruth 1:1 (HCSB)].

It's interesting reading these former Sunday School stories come to life with new understanding and different perspective.  As a child, I never questioned why Isreal was fighting these battles.  I think I always thought that Isreal was being attacked, and they were just trying to defend themselves.  It never dawned on me that they took the battle to Jericho.  I never wondered why Gideon had to take over a town.

But now, with political concerns and such, it's almost a shock to be rooting on this little nation in decimating other people groups, taking over the land of their inheritance.  I have friends who are severly against gentrification... would they be against Isreal fighting other people groups to take over their lands of milk and honey?

It seems this fighting has never stopped, with all the troubles and stories that come out of the Middle East even to this day.  Isreal is always defending itself from some foe; I simply don't think that those lands were meant for peace.

Ah, and Samson.  Seriously... why did you tell Delilah your weakness?  Three times she sets you up, and you don't figure it out?  The Bible says: Because she nagged him day after day and pled with him until she wore him out...  [Judges 16:16 (HCSB)].   Oi; the power women have over us men.