to be arrogant

From an awesome article on why comic book authors - and writers in general - need to be prideful sometimes: 
Seriously, though, if we writers didn’t have enough pride (or at least fairly confident/hopeful aspirations) that our writing was/is good enough to entertain, enlighten or inspire at least a percentage of the people who could (and hopefully will) be reading it, well, we as writers wouldn’t be putting any of our writings out there, would we?

(See Emily Dickinson as a perfect – albeit exceptional – example of the latter.)

In writing – just as is the case in life – you have to almost lose yourself in your pride and ego and guts and just freakin’ go for it. Period.

Are you going to make mistakes? Yeah.

Are you going to fail? Sometimes.

Is success guaranteed? Absolutely not.

Are you going to look back at the earliest stuff you’ve written/published and cringe? I certainly hope so… otherwise you’re not getting any better.

So please – pretty please – with sugar on top – be cocky when you write. Be gutsy. Be brash. Be arrogant. Screw those people that will try to bring you down and chide you for your ambition… they’re probably just jealous of the fact that you’re being gung-ho enough to actually get out there and do what they cannot or will not – and that’s create.