This House has a Foundation


Indeed, our house has been started!

We met with our (new) sales agent a week ago today and met our house's project manager for the first time.  I must say, Fox Ridge has some great employees as they catered to our needs and somehow continued to laugh at my stupid jokes.  The project manager definately seems to know his stuff and appears to be a hardworker (he was drenched with sweat when we got there).

We've been told that the average build time for a Fox Ridge home once it gets started is 80 days.  However, because of the dry season we've been having, some of the houses in our neighborhood have been built in as few as 55 days!  This means we can expect to be moving in between August 14th and September 8th.  Excitement abounds.


So right now, our house is a big pile of wood.  It's kind of odd thinking how much that pile of wood is going to cost us.  It's also amazing to think that it's going to transformed into a home we'll be living in, creating memories in, raising children in, eating with friends in, crying in, fighting in, breaking things in, and praying in.

Ashley and I are looking forward to building this house together and turning it into a home.  In the meantime, we're moving to an apartment.  But that's a whole other story...