version 2: always better than the first.

Recently I've been doing some freelance work, getting to stretch my flash design skills and such.  It's been quite fun, to be honest.  The marketing strategist for the latest freelance piece I did had the boldness to let me know that (a) this wasn't my best work and (b) it needed to be better.  She was incredibly kind about it, and didn't come near to saying it in those words... but she was right.  The end product was not what anyone had envisioned.

The problem?  The final piece is/was due by noon today.

 As a freelancer, it's tough when you infer that someone thinks your work didn't meet the standards they wanted.  A thousand thoughts run through your head... where was the miscommunication?  will i get to work for them again?  how can i do it better next time?

Thankfully, we got an extension for the final deadline (the html ad is going to an outside vendor).  This gave me a chance to rework the whole thing.

So... I started from scratch.  Same basic layout and idea... but with a LOT more detail work and making it more image based than text-based (which is what I thought they wanted).  I'm proud to say that I was able to pound away and deliver a piece that is much better than the original product.

As a freelancer, there's a huge relief in being able to actually hear your client smile over the phone because of how well they like the piece.  It was well worth the effort to push it through, skip personal work/entertainment, and get a piece that works for the client, as well as yourself.

So, without further ado, I present a link to my LifeMatters HTML ad.