I had a conversation with Claude King.

Today I got to do a video conversation with Claude King.

Claude is one of the guys who wrote one of the fundamental Bible studies of my life, Experiencing God. During the conversation I asked Claude to go through the what the message of Experiencing God is all about and I realized that so much of my basic theology and the way I interpret God's calling and communication come from that study I went through so long ago.

As much as I love the world of video games and comic books and thinking about the future, there is no question that the true passion of my life is that people might have a better understanding of the opportunities this fleshly life brings brings to our immortal souls including, first and foremost, the chance to interact and experience a relationship with our Creator. Amidst the frustrations, confusion and pain that so many people struggle with in life I've been able to find peace, confidence and a break from the mundane from the relationship I have with the supernatural King who I've willingly submitted to in this life. I have his curse of knowledge that, truthfully, sometimes makes it hard for me to relate to all the questions and insecurities of those around me; I have found grace and the wonderful water of life that springs from it.

I'm not saying I'm better than them/you/someone else; I'm saying that I have received this love and, for me, it works. But, truthfully, for many it doesn't. For many they get a taste of spiritual milk, find it sweet, but then see something shiny across the room and forget about the peace they found with Christ. Or they dive in, are born again, and then get lost as to where to go.

Having gone through the Experiencing God study at such an early, formational age it was, truthfully, somewhat jarring to hear Claude talk about the message of the study. To think that there are people that haven't heard this message, haven't gone through the study, or may just not even think about how they might seek to experience God's call... not having this study in my life is unfathomable to me. Only in hearing the basics of this message again did I realize where some of those essential ideas of my life came from.

It's always a good idea to try and discover those things that influence you, that build you into who you are, and create the things that are vital to your life without even realizing it. Since I've hit a dry spell of blogging as of late, expect the next few posts to be about that very topic: What Made Aaron?