That's right!  This past week, Aaron became an officially publisher writer!  The first magazine that came was Deacon (which you can purchase a copy of here) featuring my article on Blogging, Pornography and your Church's Website.  It took almost a year to get here (I wrote it in June of 07!), but it's quite the excitement to see my article all dolled up with graphics and real ink.

Deacon Magazine Article

I then recieved my copy of Collide Magazine!  For them I wrote a piece on satellite churches.  I have to say, the design and content of Collide Magazine is really top-notch.  These guys get it.  I'm also proud to mention that I turned in my second article for them today, on churches using Facebook apps.

Collide Magazine Article

One of the great things about writing these articles is that I'm getting to interact with awesome guys who are real pioneers in using media and technology to help build relationships.  It's a bit odd to be "the press," but it's also incredibly fun to get to hear these stories and passions and broadcast their message of quality, relationship and innovation out to a much larger audience.

As a follow up to my "Launching Satellites" article for Collide, I also was contacted by Ka You Communications about their installation of the satellite service for McLean Bible Church (one of the churches featured in the article, along with Long Hollow and North Coast Church).  I encourage you to check out these churches to see the ways they are pioneering in mulit-site campus thought, and bridging the gap between church and local communities.

Seeing these articles in print really is an awesome feeling.  For anyone who is struggling with writing, let me tell you that it's worth it to keep knocking on doors and trying to put yourself out there to write.  One of the reasons I try to keep this blog rolling is to keep my fingers typing and writing things out.  With both magazines it took a while for the editors and I to connect and find the right topic for my knowledge base and their audience, but in the end it's worked out great and I hope to be a regular contributor to both of them.

Now I'm wondering how my short story pitch to Asimov's is doing...