From Dream Job to Dream Job

About a year and a half ago, I got a new job.  I must say that, without hesitation, I loved the job.  I felt fully empowered to help our division grow and move towards the future.  With the support of my bosses, teammates, and people throughout the organization we were able to take an unknown digital transition and make it a viable distribution channel.  I loved every single minute of it and the people who I got to hang with.

However, last month, I got the opportunity to move from one dream job to another.

I don't know why the Lord has blessed me in this way, but I am humbled at the responsibilities placed upon me.  I recently have switched over to be the manager for the Digital Promotions team (eMarketing).  I have been entrusted with numerous websites, microsites, web ads, digital videos, and all kinds of things inbetween.

In the month that I've been in this role I've gotten amazing support and the chance to use my skills and knowledge in new, fresh ways.  I love - LOVE - that I am helping move books and the Bible into the digital realm.  I feel so very blessed with my job; I truly look forward to going to work each and every day to see what new idea or project awaits.

I look forward to discovering what challenges I will fail at, and which victories my team and I will share.  I truly hope that everyone gets at least one chance to love the job they do; it's just plain fun.