My First Published Comic: John B. Olson's Powers

Somehow... I forgot to blog about this.

Back in early 2010, B&H Publishing Group published a comic book adaptation of John B. Olson's Powers - an incredible fiction novel (I'm not just saying that; I don't read much Christian fiction but this was well worth the read).  The intent of the graphic novel was promotional, the idea being to give people a taste of the novel quickly (comics read faster than novels), so they can get a glimpse into the story before they purchase the book.

It just so happens the comic book adaptation was written by me and illustrated by M. Daily Walden. Check it out and let me know what you think of my first officially published comic book.  I may even have a few physical copies laying around, if paper is your thing. 

John B. Olson's Powers: Graphic Novel

 If you like what you see and read, the full novel is currently available on for $6 - this book is definitely worth at least that much!