Hi, I'm Aaron: Technology Columnist for Baptist News

There are some things in life you just don't expect. This week, it was the honor of becoming a technology columnist for Baptist News. Here's a link to my first article:


It's writing primarily as an intro to my thoughts on one of the major positives that technology brings to the Church: an opportunty to create connections across generations. I hope you like for formation of words into thoughts.

One of the continual struggles in my life is the balance of offering my skills/thoughts to others and trying to not seem (or more importantly, actully BE) vain. Who am I to think that people care about my little pontifications on society/technology/items of awesomeness? And yet, every now and then I get an opportunity to put some form to my ideas and shoot them out the world via magazines, blogs, or - now - the readership of the Baptist Press.

And, in case you didn't know, I'm Southern Baptist. So yeah - this is a huge honor for me... to be able to share a few words with my denomiation on a regular basis. It's a humbling, cherished honor.

I'm Southern Baptist for many reasons, but the most important is this:

The Southern Baptist denomination is organized for one primary reason - to spread the Gospel and support missionaries. You see, we have this thing called the Cooperative Program. Basically, all the Southern Baptist churches (and businesses like LifeWay and B I've been with LifeWay for 9 years now. I live in Nashville, TN, with my beautiful wife Ashley (whose thoughts you can read here). We've got two dogs, lots of video games, and an amazing community of believers at Mosaic Nashville. I like things that are awesome; are you awesome?