In which I briefly talk about the Resurrection iWitness iPad app

I have to admit: I love my job.

Being the Digital Marketing Manager for B&H Publishing Group means that I get to be in really cool meetings and get to help make decisions that, honestly, are helping to shape the future of the publishing industry.

B&H has made the commitment to utilizing technological advancements to help support and distribute our content so that a world that is becoming native to technology across all generations can consume our author's thoughts, messages, and stories in whatever way they prefer.  This means that I've gotten to be a part of the digital revolution at B&H distributing digital versions of our books to various vendors, putting the Bible on the XBOX, developing a resource tool like, and helping create new experiences on mobile devices like the iPad.

A few months ago, when the idea of the Resurrection iWitness came to us, we saw the potential for this right away.  This app would truly be a new way to interact with content; a digitally tactile way of exploring content.  Even as I saw the concept and vision clearly, it's not until you get something completed and out into the world that it really starts to take hold.

The Resurrection iWitness experience connects with me in a way that I don't think any of our other B&H products really have.  There's something "magical" about the way you get to interact with the content, skipping over the pieces that don't interest you and opening up the content that grabs your thoughts.

The app takes you on a journey where you become an investigator, exploring for yourself the ideas of scholars and theorists trying to make sense of the events surrounding Jesus Christ's death and appearance after.  What are the real possibilities and facts of the time?  If we strip away our preconceptions and our bias, what would we really choose to believe?

The experience leads you down a journey that for many - myself included - can only serve to expand your worldview.  With quotes from extra-Biblical sources, including teh Qu'ran, it's not a light journey.  But the experience is so natural and so compelling that it helps people learn from their own investigation in just a few minutes.

Yes, I'm biased - I'll readily admit that.  But this app really is that special and I really am that proud to have been a part of its release.  If you've gotten the chance to try out the app, please don't be afraid to let me/us know what you think; I would absolutely love some feedback.

And yes, I'm very proud and excited about this app; but man, I love my job.  We've got some very, very cool things coming down the pike!  Argh - can't wait to be able to talk about it all!