Reading God's Story

Being a part of the team at B&H Publishing Group means we get to interact with incredible men and women of God on a daily basis, helping them spread their words and ideas out to the world. One of those great men is George Guthrie, and one of his messages is the Read the Bible for Life Initiative.

Through his research, George has learned that the vast majority of church-goers simply do not read the Bible on any kind of regular basis. To help people dive in to the scripture, George has created a reading plan that takes the reader though the Bible in a chronological order. And, as a part of that drive, my team got the honor of creating an online app version of his reading guide, including audio segments for each day.

Throughout this year, you'll probably find me posting now and again on what I'm reading as I go through this journey myself. I read the Bible through in 90 days a few years ago; I'm looking forward to getting into the habit and continuing to read throughout 2012.

You can join in the fun buy using the HTML5 app we developed (which means modern browsers, iPhones, Android phones and Windows Phones can all use the app) here: