Reading Len Sweet's Viral: Conclusion

So, to wrap up, this book is awesome. Simply put, Len gets it and - as a bridge moving from a "Gutenberger" mindset to a "Googler" mindset - he writes, explains, and encourages with authority and passion. Full of both parables and truth, Len has created the book that every pastor and spiritual mentor needs to read in order to understand the culture and real life mindset of the rising generation.

This book makes me feel exposed. For someone to so thoroughly understand how technology has infiltrated our lives and culture in order to change a generation - and us to not even realize we've been changed - is simply a testimony to Len's wisdom. It's my generational nature to want to rebel and say he doesn't get it... but that would clearly be a lie. Len understands the rising generation better that I do.

Better yet, he interweaves the impact of this cultural change with what it means for the Church and our understanding of Christ. And unlike so many who think that ruin is around the corner, Len sees how we are simply getting closer to sharing life and telling stories in the ways that Christ did. That we are on the verge of a spiritual renaissance not simple because of the tools we now have at our disposal, but how they are fully integrated in our secular and spiritual lives.

In his closing chapter, Len says: TGIF evangelsim is, in its purest form, discipleship: a recognition of being part of a body bigger than ourselves and an organic way of behaving within it.

I'm honored to call Len a mentor. I hope you'll give him a few hours to speak into your life as well.

Viral, by Leonard Sweet, is available March 16, 2012 from Waterbook Press.


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