What does it mean to be human? Appreantly, not a heartbeat.

As I grow older, I realize that some day there will be things that the next generation do that I just won't understand. My guess is that it will start with embedding chips in their hands, so they can just wave at the cash register. My assumption is that by then end of my life, I will know people who have communication devices in their brains, so they can talk to their friends without even speaking.

But that's just life in the head of a futurist. And then, every now and then, reality is far more compelling than simply dreaming.

There are currently at least three living, breathing, human beings in the world who don't have a heartbeart. Instead, they have a constant flow of blood, streaming through their brains.

Chips, implants, or metal skeletons all seem cool and awesome and all that. But when you mess with blood? It's always about the blood.

How much of life is based upon that steady rhythm of a heartbeat? How many lovers rest their ear to the heartbeat of their spouse? How many parents await the first heartbeat of their unborn child? And, simply practically, how important is your heartbeat while exercising?

Suddenly, there is no need for a heartbeat. You are moving, up, alert, living life. Climbing stairs or sleeping, it's all the same. Running or reading, a constant flow of blood throughout your body.

But no pulse.

This technology... astounding. The fact that it can save lives... so thankful. But wow... does it shatter pretty much ever romantic inkling we have about life and the heart.

But, it's still all about the blood.