Bellingham, WA

On September 30th, 2013, Ashley, Xavier and I moved to become citizens of Washington.

When you move your family across the country, what do you write about? How can you begin to explain the conflicting emotions of leaving behind treasured friends and relationships with the excitement of discovering new stories and faces? How do you properly bring to close chapters or life while holding on to others, desperately hoping that texting and Facebook will be enough to keep you in each others lives?

When Ashley and I got married, it was always with the intention of being able to serve God with our lives, to support each other in the tasks the He lies before us. And this new task was so clearly ordained by God. Amidst the heartache of leaving, that has been so much excitement for what will be.

For two month now, I have been serving as the Director of Church Products at Logos Bible Software. Simply put, it's amazing. The owner, Bob Prichett, is a genius and with every meeting and email I see more and more how Logos has been able to grow to serve the church year over year over year. The company as a whole has a passion for doing things to innovate and empower pastors, worship leaders, and small group teachers to better disciple and train up the church. There is something freeing and invigorating about writing code that matters. The devs I am getting to work with here are simply best-in-class.

There is something happening at Logos, I have no doubt. There are times in life when you just get that feeling that the Lord is putting something together that is beyond expectations, beyond our comprehension. When 300+ people are driven to change the world for Christ through the means of the day - in this case, technology - there is an opportunity for greatness for the Kingdom.

I go into work every day, excited by what might happen tomorrow, next year, and in a decade. I know that we are making the lives of ministers not only easier, but more exciting as we help them find and research new connections and deeper understanding of the Word. I hear words of thanks as our tools make Sunday Morning worship easier for everyone. And everyone sees the potential for building more Christ-focused, discipleship oriented relationships through Faithlife.

What do you write about when you move your family across the country? You write about the hopes, the dreams, the reason you uprooted years of relationships and careers. You write about the call from God and the excitement of feeling like your life has been handcrafted for such a time as this. You write about being willing to submit to God's plan for your family, and the incredible joy that comes alongside the pain of leaving so many amazing people and beautiful memories in Nashville, TN.

And then you click save & publish.