October 22, 2012

I didn't mean to stop blogging. And yes, it's been over a year. But early last year I found out such amazing, exciting news that I knew I couldn't possibly keep blogging without blerting it out and we had to keep it a secret for a while...

So. Just in case you didn't know, on October 22, 2012 this guy came into our lives:

 And all I can think is, "My God. Thank you."

My son is just over six months old now and it is simply overwhelming. My love for him is overwhelming. Watching him smile in his sleep is overwhelming. Having this little boy-to-become-man projectile poop on me is overwhleming. Seeing my wife so readily and courageously grow into a mother is overwhelming. Having him cry and cry and cry until suddenly he is asleep in my arms is overwhelming.

I have never been so overwhelmed in so many great and wonderful ways.

This child looks to me for safety. He looks to me for comfort. He looks to me for affirmation.

This son of mine looks at me.

Every moment of life is a miracle. Every cell being stitched together to form him, every organ doing its job, every breath sustaining his very life. His eyes. He looks at me and he smiles and maybe giggles and sometimes he is crying because he. just. wants. me. to. hold. him.

This son of mine is my son.



This is my son, and I love him.