Upon Capturing a Moment

It's a hard decision, to decide to pull yourself out of a moment to capture it. Those brief seconds where you reach into your pocket, turn the phone on and then take a picture means that for those brief few seconds - or more if the phone decides to go wonky - you are an observer of the scene, not fully engaged in the play. Sure, you can jump back in and hopefully catch up... but for a moment you were no longer a part of it.

Sometimes, though, its worth it. You capture a memory, you capture a moment that will last with you forever.

In Aaron's office: 7/23/2014

In Aaron's office: 7/23/2014

Yesterday, I captured a moment.

Ashley and my son had come to visit and do lunch. We decided to eat in my office so Xavi could play instead of being tied down to a chair, unable to be his normal inspector-self. Amidst all the toys in my office, he managed to find two of my Halo toys. Of course, he handed me the Banshee and we played and played and played.

I stepped out of the moment and took a picture.

Now, that picture carries more weight and meaning than I could have ever imagined at the time. It tells the story of the most important thing I can do during this season of my life - playing with my son. It cements the memories of my wife reading Bible Study Magazine in my comfy office chair. It shows the window through which I smiled and waved at so many people. That captured moment tells so many stories, so many more than a thousand words could contain.

We need more stories. We need more moments to cherish. We need to play more and stress less.

The most important news in my life yesterday is that I got to spend time with my bride and my son. We got to play and were given opportunities to love one another. We've had so many people rally around us during this season that it is humbling and awe-inspiring.

You see a picture of my son playing on a red couch. I see a story of love, a story of friends who invest in my family, of lives being readjusted and sheltered by the grace of God.

Such a beautiful moment.