The DeSelms Team

I'm not sure I can say enough good things about the DeSelms team.  About three months ago Ashley and I decided to put our house on the market.  After asking aroud, one of my coworkes told me that Dave Ramsey highly suggests Terrry DeSelms.  His team gets houses sold, quick.  And it's true. This was my first time ever going through a house sale, and they encouraged and taught us each step of the way.  Our primary relator (the DeSelms team is just that - a team.  They employ several agents and support staff) was Monte - a towering man whose height is only surpassed by his wisdom. In about two weeks after we put our house on the market we had two offers.  Monte's intuition about both of them were spot on: the first one was risky, but would get us more money.  The second one was a more for sure thing, but they would want to negotiation/haggle/pressure us into a good deal. Because it was more money, we went with the first offer and, sure enough, two days AFTER we were supposed to close (and after having taken it off the market since they made an offer), their financing fell through.  The DeSelms team rebounded effortlessly, however.  Four days after the first offer fell through, we began negotiations with the second offer. And negotiate we did.  And some more.  Pam, our closing agent, did a great job of keeping us in the loop.  She let us know what was appropriate to negotiate on and when to allow the buyers to have their way.  She was always cheerful and sounded genuinely happy for us when things went well and concerned for us when things went... not so well (we had to give up our refrigerator the my mom had given me before she died).  The support team was awesome as well.  They knew my voice when i would call, and always kept me abreast of what other realtors thought about the house.  So, finally we made it to the closing table and sold the house today. It was almost bittersweet, to be honest.  After I signed all my papers, the whole team came to finally officially meet me.  It felt like a season finale, where the whole cast came out and said goodbye.  These people who had been working for my wife and I to get the best sale on their home were genuinely excited for us - and sincerely enjoyed supporting us and helping us get the house sold. So many companies advertise that they care; the DeSelms team proved it every day for the past three months.  I honestly can't imagine using any other company to sell my home.  I know this sounds like a bunch of exageration and hyperbole, but the DeSelms team earned every compliment I can give. And now, tomorrow, on to the closing for the purchase of our new home.  Hooray!
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