An Hour and Twenty-Two Minutes of My Thoughts on Digital Publishing

I somehow totally missed talking about this on my blog. A few months ago, I was invited to speak at the ECPA's PUBu event.  The ECPA is the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association.  The Publishing University event is strictly for a publishing audience, with workshops designed to instruct and share ideas of what's going on in the publishing space.  I was asked to lead two workshops: 1) Consumer Interaction with Digital Devices and the Creative Commons 2) Moderate a teen panel on their habits and use of technology In putting together the Digital Devices/Creative Commons presentation, I was given two goals: introduce the attendees to a variety of devices and introduce them to Creative Commons (so please note, my techno-savvy friends: much of the content here will be introductory to you.  You can skip to the end where I briefly get to talk about the future of publishing.  Maybe a full presentation on publishing futures next year?).  Digital devices and the Creative Commons are two very disparate goals.  As I was putting it together, however, I think I was able to meld the two into a fairly informative presentation. It is, to be honest, quite the lengthy presentation (and one that I had to rush towards the end as we were running out of time).  I've gotten permission from the ECPA to post the presentation, in it's entirety, here on the blog.  Feel free to watch some of it (or the whole thing, if you think I'm awesome).  You can download the actual PowerPoint presentation here. [vimeo]
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