Valentine's Day/Romantic Movie Advice

A few weeks ago, Ashley and I watched one of the most beautiful movies about relationships I've watched.  The intimacy and character development between Glenn and Marketa in this movie is simply stunning.  And the character development is almost as good as the music. The movie is called "Once," and it's basically a vehicle for Glenn Hansard to play his music in a movie.  The relationship portrayed in the movie is just quirky enough to be real, and is one of the few times I've been drawn into the discovery as well.  The movie was able to show the hesitation and awkardness that comes with discovering the life of someone else so well, romantically or not. The conflict of the relationship is handled so well, too. The movie isn't a happy-ever-after romantic comedy, but it does such a good job at exploring relationships that I think anyone who care about discovering another person should take the time out to experience the music and story of Once.  (Ashley and I rented it via Amazon Unbox, and the quality was actually quite good!  If you've got a computer hooked up to the TV or can stream it somehow, try watching it that way.  The rental is only $2(!)... hooray for cheap, deep dates!)  (Seriously, only $2?  It's worth it for the music alone.  Glenn's music is simply stellar.) (I should probably give Andy props for introducing me to Glenn's music... thanks, Andy!)
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