Collide Magazine: Multi-Site Church Technology

I've accepted my first writing assignment for Collide Magazine.  I'll be writing an arctile on multi-site church technology.  Multi-site churches have been a growing movement in the past few years that I think is a very interesting evolution of the business-minded leardership in the American church the past several decades. I like the multi-site idea because it allows for strong central teaching for a large community, but still allows more intimate community to develop through the smaller churches that are formed.  The members of the satellite churches can have a more personal relationship with their local pastor, instead of being a face in the crowd for megachurches. Mosaic is not a multi-site church, but we have recently shifted to two services.  We did this because (1) we wanted to keep the gatherings small and (2) we were out of room at our location.  I imagine that if our evening service expands, we'll have to look into considering a multi-site or multi-community structure.  tomorrow i'll be interviewing Russ Hall of Long Hollow Baptist Church and next week i'll be talking with Dennis Choy from North Coast Church.  If anyone has any suggestions for other churches doing multi-site, please let me know!
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