The Standard Restaurant

There are reasons throughout life that you may remember a meal. I remember my first meal with Ashley at Caffeine when she flew in to visit back in 2004.  I remember our feast at the Mad Platter from Kelley's generosity.  I remember going to Chuck E. Cheese for me 18th's birthday.  I remember many more... all of those memories are surrounded with people or events or things of the like (which are very, incredibly, extremely important and is one of the keys to life, imho). The meal I had last night, however, I'll remember for the taste. Yes, it was that good.  Ashley and I, for Valentine's decided to have a "fancy" night out, and went to the Standard Restaurant here in Nashville.  And it was good. I really don't know how to explain how good the meal was.  It was full of flavor and quality.  Ashley - who often does not like to eat red meat - loved the beef fillet.  My bbq shrimp were the biggest pieces of shrimp i've ever had. The meal was a five-course meal (plus bread).  One of the courses was a cheese course, wherein I had a plate full of baked brie.  I do mean a plate full.  And who know that cheese went with roasted walnuts?  But man, it was good. I have only two complaints: (1) The food was too good.  Seriously.  It makes you think that maybe you should eat fancy more often.  I don't think we can afford the extravagence more than once a year, though.  But it did help me understand food snobs a bit more.  Seriously, this stuff made Applebee's seem like McDonald's. (2) There was too much food.  The Valentine's Day Special was a five-course meal... and it was a FULL five courses.  I expected them to pull back on their portions so that you could make it through... but I had to send the majority of my entree's sides back.  It was tormentuous, because the sides were so good... but there was no way I could push down any more. So yes, the Standard Restaurant wins.  It beat my taste buds into submission and became my own personal standard for what quality, tasteful food is.
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