My "The Firmware Update Broke my PS3's Blu-Ray Drive" Story

Last night, after installing an official firmware update to my Playstation 3, my system's Blu-Ray drive stopped working (it won't read any media: Blu-Ray, PS3 game, or DVD).  A quick Google search on the issue pulled up this blog post from the official US Playstation Blog:   On this post there are over 700 comments, many of which talk about users' Blu-Ray drives ceasing to work (with only one reply in the thread, mentioning how it fixes issues with a specific game).  Since I added my comment on the thread last night (#759), 8 of the ten comments made overnight were in regards to issues with the Blu-Ray player.   I called the customer support line today and had three conversations:   1) Eva (first level support, did not think to get her ID#)
  • Because my system is out of warranty, it would cost $150 to be serviced
  • Warranty is only 1 year from purchase date; even if you are one year in, w/o a receipt they would charge you $150
  • According to Eva, my phone call regarding 3.01 breaking the Blu-Ray drive is the first they have ever recieved
  • According to Eva, the official blog is just a place to post thoughts and comments; the fact that there was a post with hundreds of comments regarding this issue did not matter at all
2) Jason, #474009 (Eva's supervisor)
  • To have the system tested by them to discover if the firmware caused the issue, I would have to pay the $150 service fee
  • I asked Jason if I could quote him on this, and he agreed: "Even if the firmware caused the issue, you would have to pay the $150 service fee"
  • Jason told me that even if the firmware update caused the issue, they would still charge me $150 to have the system repaired; there would be no refund of the service fee
  • When agreeing to a firmware update, you agree that if the firmware causes any damage to your system, Sony is not responsible
3) Vance, #47083 (Jason's supervisor)   At this point I explained to Vance that I wanted to be sure I had all of my facts straight for when I shared my story.
  • According to Vance, Sony is unaware of any issues with 3.01 causing issues with the Blu-Ray drive
  • Sony did extensive testing before the release of 3.01 - he is unaware of any testing regarding the Blu-Ray drive issue since its release
  • If the Blu-Ray drive failure did become a documented issue, he does not know if they would refund any service fees
  • There is no way for him to service the system for free, regardless of whether it was caused by the firmware or not, because I have owned the system for two years
  • There is nothing more that I can do to let Sony know that 3.01 firmware caused the Blu-Ray drive to stop working  
It is appearant to me that Sony's firmware update has caused this exact issue in a number of Playstation 3 systems, and that they are ignoring the issue.  I find it hard to believe that mine was the first phone call they have recieved on this issue, as was told to me.  I also find it hard to believe that they expect me to pay $150 to repair something that they broke, and that they have no interest in testing my system to find out if the firmware caused the issue. Does anyone have suggestions on what I can do to better let Sony know that the 3.01 firmware caused my system's Blu-Ray drive to stop working?
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E3 2008: My Opinions

Pardon the geekiness of the post, but... if you know me then you know that as far as my hobbies go they are wrapped up in video games and comic books.  So, for me, E3 is one of the most important "entertainment" events of the year for me.  Basically, it's the week where all the big publishers trot out their upcoming releases for the remainder of the year and a little beyond. The biggest news usually always comes out of the big three press conferences: Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony.  The nature of the video game marketplace is very competitive, with people investing their time and money into usually one system or another and wanting their chosen system to have the best showing and "win."  However, since my dad was a 'gamer' before there ever was the term 'gamer,' we've usually always had all the systems in any given generation (Atari and Intellivision, Sega Master System and NES, etc etc). Now that I'm older anad on my own, well... that hasn't changed.  I won the 360 through a contest, the Wii was bought on day one, and we got a PS3 because it was the cheapest blu-ray player... and anticipation of LittleBigPlanet.  So, for me, seeing what was presented at the press conferences basically sets up what I'm going to be playing for the next 6-8 months or so.  Microsoft Microsoft's Xbox Press Conference was, imho, the 'winner' this year.  For me, the most important part of gaming is having new experiences.  I've literally been gaming my whole life, so innovation is important.  This fall, Microsoft is recreating the Xbox software, changing the dashboard and adding new features.  What's the real innovation? Xbox Primetime Appearantly, there's going to be set gaming times where people can come together to play a game show like 1vs100.  The idea is that one person will get picked to actually be the contestant... and actually win stuff for real.  Instead of just watching 1vs100, you literally get to be a part of the mob.  Color me impressed.  Basically, Microsoft just created an entirely new genre of games, and redefined what we will come to call "episodic gaming." What else did the announce to take up my time?  Fable 2 is going to rock my world.  In this game, everything effects everything.  You can buy any house, save - or kill - any character, etc etc.  Viva Pinata 2 will likely do a repeat of 2006 and manage to literally steal 3 full days of my life.  They also announced "You're in the Movies" which seems... interesting.  Basically, you play mini-games with the camera, and then the game pulls out the video of you playing the game and makes a movie out of it.  Could be a blast... could be a bomb.  I'm interested enough that I'll give it a look... if I can buy it w/o buying another camera. Nintendo Oh, Nintendo.  How you wound me.  I bought the Wii with such high expectations.  I dreamt of wonderful gaming, new experiences and pure, unadulterated fun.  You delivered akward gameplay and Dreamcast/Gamecube graphics.  Zelda was fun.  Thanks for that. So this year, I had high hopes.  The Wii has been around for awhile.  Animal Crossing was due to be revealed, and surely they had some suprises.  And then... you bombed.  You failed.  It was almost embarrassing. Wii Sports 2 was announced, with a new add-on to the controller that makes it do what the Wii should have always done: let you have sword fights.  This does look good... but doesn't come out until the Spring.  And you've burned me enough already... so you'll need more than swordfighting in Wii Sports 2 to interst me.  (I say that now... but c'mon.  It's sword fighting.  I'm buying it.) Animal Crossing for the Wii is starting to show the limitations of the Wii.  Their online service is just way too lackluster.  It's almost painful, guys.  No central server, only 4 (i think) people in a town at a time.  And you need to let me do more than go fishing with my friends.  Sigh.  That's it for the highlights that interested me.  You guys fumbled big time. Sony Sony had a very strong showing this year.  Resistance 2 almost has me more interested than Gears of War 2 (for the Xbox) does... I'll only be buying on this fall.  I might actually have to take reviews into consideration. LittleBigPlanet is, hands down, the gaming reason I bought a PS3.  They used it in the conference to show off their numbers and data.  I cannot wait until the first time I get to make a presentation at work on "interactive media" and end up using LittleBigPlanet to do it. Sony also showed a preview of what could have made them win the show for me... but they didn't announce any kind of release for it.  DC Universe Online is going to pick up where Microsoft fumbled (they cancelled their Marvel online game).  It's going to steal my life when it comes out.  Jim Lee on stage sealed the deal for me.  DC Universe, by itself, could make Sony the winner at next year's E3.   So...  I now get to sort out what I will be playing the next few months (outside of Rock Band 2).  It looks like Microsoft will be getting the most of my time and money, with Sony coming in  strong second.  Nintendo?  Step up your game, please.  I want to like you again.
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