Top 5 Free Xbox Live Arcade Games that I Want to See

Occasionally, Microsoft lets loose a few Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) game, such as the horrible Yaris, the briefly free Texas Hold-em and the Camera-Only TotemBall.  Here are the top 5 games I want Microsoft to make free for the community. 1) Magic: The Gathering Starter Kit What is it: Magic the Gathering singlehandedly created a business in the collectible card game.  I was there almost when it started, buying packs of Antiquities.  Players build decks and fight it out using a a handful of the thousands of cards available in the world.  Unfortunately, all digital attempts have not been nearly as successful. What the Community Gets: Give us the tools, the software, and a tournament-legal starter kit.  The first hit is free, and after that we will buy pack after pack and deck after deck.  This one is a complete no-brainer.  The only problem is that Wizards of the Coast may not want to play nice with MS.  Solution: MS should just buy them, and in turn own the ips of MANY successful franchises, including Dragonlance, HeroScape, etc.  Would Hasbro sell? What Microsoft Gets: Millions of dollars in digital sales of random decks and packs.  Run special promotions where past sets are available only one month out of the year.  Create special promo packs featuring MS characters.  This would be a major win if it was a first-party release. 2) You Have to Burn the Rope What is it: One of the best commentaries on gaming, ever.  Go, now. What the Community Gets: Achievement Unlocked: You Burned the Rope.  200pts. What Microsoft Gets: Build it in XNA, turn it into a marketing piece. 3) MMO Pong What is it: Pong controlled by the average input of all users in the game... truly social gaming. What the Community Gets: A giant way to waste time.  Imagine a giant hall of voices.  Or the background made up of images fed from the XBox Cameras.  Yes, it's just a time waster... but sometimes that's all you need.  Or, perhaps this could just be the loading screen for an online games? What Microsoft Gets: A live test bed for connections.  They can test the stress of how many concurrent connections can happen in a game before hiccupping.  How many audio feeds, video feeds, etc.  Who doesn't love live statistical data? 4) Zork HD

What is it: Zork, a text-based game, was first released in 1980.  Essentially, it hearalded the way for interactive fiction and storytelling via digital gaming.

What the Community Gets: A trip down memory lane and a piece of gaming history.  Plus, an actual gaming use for the Chatpad.

What Microsoft Gets: A second round of marketing for the Messenger Kit.  Surely it couldn't take THAT much effort to convert Zork to an Arcade title?  Would definately generate more interest and noise from the gamer community about the messenger kit than any magazine or web ad would.

5) Zune Store

What is it: ok, so it wouldn't really be an arcade game, but more of a utility.  If I can stream any song I want to my computer when I have a Zune Pass, and my Zune Pass is tied to my GamerTag... why can't I straight stream via the XBox, too?

What the Community Gets: A great way to create playlists on the xbox for background listening.  Just load up a playlist from ANY song on the service, save it, and the Xbox become the center of any party involving music.

What Microsoft Gets: More Zune Passes sold, and deeper integration between the Xbox and Zune communities.  If you have the Zune software installed, Microsoft could push you playlists for the music of any upcoming game easily...

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What's Really Happening with the Zune

I bought a zune because I saw the vision Microsoft had for the XBox 360, and I fully understood the direction they were going to take the zune.  and now, with the software version 2.5, they are oh so close to being there. Zune, when it first launched, used the tagline of "Join the Social."  The product was pretty much made fun of for using that tagline out of the gate; the Zune wasn't quite a full fledge social device right away.  The only real social aspects was the ability to share songs from one device to another, but even that had (and has) very limited restrictions. 2.5 has introduced a slew of new features that bring the Zune into the real social arena. First off is a  much better implementation of the Zune Card (the equivalent of an XBox 360 GamerTag).  You can view my actual profile page here (it's flash, and WordPress doesn't like flash objects.  Shame on you, WordPress!).  There's also a Facebook App that plugs the Zune Card into your profile there. But, none of that is the innovative stuff.  Anyone can have a webpage and put content on it and that are third-party iTunes plug-ins that do the same stuff. Send me music About two weeks ago, however, I go a message from one of my Zune friends, Ceaserisok.  Ceaser is a big fan of Tokyo Police Club, as you should be too because they're awesome (my fav song being "Nature of the Experiment"), and when they're new album came out he sent a message to everyone on his friends list that included the album. Since I have a Zune pass, from the message I just clicked a button and *POOF* my computer downloaded the new album and I started listening to it right away.  Music just got a touch more social... I don't have to just tell you how good something is, I can message you the album. Show me music As life, work, our social lives and our dreams all continue to collide and entertwine, Microsoft did something else very smart: they hired people who love music.  Select members of the Zune team are now considered Zune DJs; when you create a Zune profile these special six are automatically your friends.  What does that matter? Just like the 360 GamerTags, when you're using the Zune you get to see what your friends are doing.  In the case of Zune, you get to see exactly what your friends are listening to, in real time.  If you see something you've never heard before you might get to discover things. I know, you can do similar things with Last.FM (which I'm also a big fan of).  But this is integrated, out of the box.  And, it's tied to your 360 account... suddenly your GamerTag has a dual nature to it... and I'm all for aggregating my information.  With Zune there are just so many ways to discover music.  I still play with iTunes because I upload media to idea at work, and I get so confused with the limitations on their software.  I feel like I'm just looking at a datbase.  I'm not sure how to place my finger on it... but the Zune software makes me feel like I'm in a record store.  I don't know if they planned that or not, but it's what happens.  Invariably if I sit down to download a new album, I discover 4 or 5 more to grab along with it. Sync me music Now we're getting to the really cool stuff. Once I friend you, if I have a Zune pass, I can sync your music to my system.  I can sync another Zune Card with my Zune device and, as such, Zune will automatically pull in any playlists associated with that Zune Card.  Can I repeat how cool that is?  It's a social experiment in sharing music. No, this isn't an ad for the Zune Enough about what I think about the Zune itself.  What this post is really about what is happening with the Zune.  The software/device is allowing just one more thing become social and intertwined.  Where the Zune is innovating is that they have figured out a way to connect something as varied and complex as the music we like and listen to into the cloud of the internet, to be able to be pulled back down wherever. iTunes is for people who like certain musicians.  Zune is for people like music. WIth iTunes you go in, you look for the band you like, you part with your money, and you talk about how cool band so-and-so is.  WIth the Zune (if you have a Zune pass), you go in, look for the band you like, and find bands you've never heard of or forgotten long ago and download 5 albums.  And you don't have to tell people how cool a band is because they can SEE how much you like them.  Better yet, if they have a Zune as well... they can HEAR how much you like them. Zune is going to let the small bands win.  Being the underdog has allowed Microsoft to innovate, and with the Zune they have.  The only question is how long it will take people to realize that being an Apple fanboy isn't the best choice for people who truly want to hear new and good music.
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