Short Stories

You don't remember it, do you? Don't feel left out - most people don't. They don't want us to. If everyone remembered then the murders, the molesters, the self-indulgent and self-righteous would have no one but each other to keep company. And what's a world without a few good men?

I guess its all my fault, really. "Where you place your heart is what your treasure is." That's in the Bible. (Or something like it.) I found the covenant of the Ark, but I erred. I didn't put God inside of it. Instead I placed a magical butterfly. I knew for a fact that once placed there, my treasure could never be harmed - could never leave - would always be special. I never imagined it would want to leave.

I guess we all forget sooner or later. The white chalk gets washed away or the numbeers become radical and fractions. It's a small world, one that can only hold so many people. It just takes a hop, skp, and a rhyme... but everyone forgets it eventually. Its not hard to find again. That world of hopes and dreams - just a game of hopscoch is all it takes.

Short stories are truly the best way of expressing an idea. It takes the write a few moments to develop his ideas - it takes the reader a lifetime of events to truly understand exactly why each precise word was chosen, what concepts and motiffs were introduced. Don't get me wrong - short stories are not meant to confuse... only express."