When Darkness Came

When darkness came with the passing of the sun, none stood unchanged. They didn't know what they had, or what they had become. They took the battle into their own hands, fighting demons of untold power. Not one of them stood up. They took a slap from Death's bony hand as a baby takes milk from its mother's breast. They were all one flock - but they didn't realize they were all wolves in sheepskin.

The sun gave them hope. They turned away from it. The sun lit the path. They made tunnels. The sun loved them. They built ceilings.

They thought their own self made artificial light could be a replacement. It failed them. The sun was their leader. They revolted.

There was no battle. The sun knew he was no longer wanted. His light would be useful elsewhere. When the nation wished they had the sun, they didn't even know where to look.

Like a worm in the Earth a new desire arose. Like a snake ruining the Garden, they were decieved.

A child regretted. A mother decieved. A friendship broken. A thought made reality. The boundaries were unlimited. They all led to the only plane they could truly acheive without the sun. They dug themselves into the cold dry wastelands of war, forgetting the once prosperous nation. They forgot the sun.