Your Faithful Marionette

Pardon me, but I do believe you did forget

And you left behind your faithful marionette

You controlled him so well on the cross at your fingertips

His voice matched yours, complete with ruby lips

When you played with your little foolish toy

There was an emerald gleam in his eye that made him seem like a boy

But this was no Pinnochio tale with a long nose

For he and his cricket were never so close

If dummies can dream like we humans do

Then his Dreamweaver was you

Pardon me, not to be rude

But wat you've done was most crude

You cut the very same string which you had sown

You left him at the Pawn Shop's shelf with no home

You must have made a selfish mistake

Or did you mean for this puppet's woden heart to break?

You must remember the act you two had

The one your friends asked for when they were sad

You've no choice you must recall

How you were the only Cinderella at his magical Ball.

Pardon me, but I do believe you did forget

And left behind your faithful marionette.