Rec Lab 2004

Hello all - Aaron here writing from the cold city of Orlando, FL.

Andy Woods and I are out here as the techies of Rec Lab, working as the production crew for Rec Lab 2004. We'll be in charge of lights, sound and projection - the usual. The hotel campus we're at is huge, with some of the best service I've ever seen - if we want, we can call the main office and they'll send someone to pick us up and drive us to the lobby and junk. Craziness.

We got in around 7 and thought we were going to unload - but MetaboLife was having a conference in the rooms we need, so we can't load in until tomorrow at 9 am. That's going to be tough - we start unloading at 9 and have to be up and running at 6.

That's the set up of two projectors, screens, a 24-channel board running into 8 channels of amp for mains and 7 monitors, 3 Martin Mac 250 Kryptons, 2 Martin Mac 250s, 2 Martin Mac 300s, 4 Martin Mini-Mac Profile, 4 Martin Mini-Mac Washes, 8 pars... you get the point. Lots of tech work tomorrow.

So tonight we relaxed and ate an incredible mean at the AUSSIE STEAK HOUSE here on International in Orlando. One of the best meals ever... great aligator tail, great chicken soup, great great steak. Yup, I said aligator tail - picture proof in the gallery.

Sleep time cometh... write later.