Wooed by Another Man

A few days ago... Tuesday, to be exact... was a vey rough day.

You see, not only did my dating status with Daphne change to not...

But a man who is very important to me dissapointed me. I felt very rejected by this man. After all he had done so far... I had such high hopes for where he and I would go in the future together. I was so looking forward to what he had to say to me that day.

But instead... he failed me. And now, I'm seeking comfort in the words.... of another man...

You see... I clocked out at 11 am to hear Steve Jobs' keynote speech at MacWorld San Francisco. I took a TWO HOUR cut in pay so I could hear what wonderful new toys Steve was bringing me. And instead of something great, something amazing, I get... this:

Now granted, they're cute... in an Austin Powers sort of way. But they're not what I expected... sort of. I mean they are - I was wanting Steve Jobs to tell me to run out and buy one of these new mini-iPods. But I wanted him to tell me I couldn't resist.. I wanted him to say I, too, could own one of these designer pieces for the mere price of $100. I would have been happy for $150. I would have been happy for that price to be buyin gan only 2Gig model. But no. $250 for 4Gigs of music.

Why must Steve Jobs tease me so?

But low and behold, who is this man who woos me away with promises of connectivity? Who promises me ease-of-use? Who promises me a portable player... the size of an iPod... for... music AND video?

Hello Bill Gates, you never looked so good.

Yes folks, it is a wonderful day for us geek-folk.

So what items have made me lust so far from the CES show? Here we go...


Samsung HLP5677W DLP HDTV
Samsung HT-DB490 HTiB


Motorola HD DVR