Conversation About Cancer

RalphL1498: hi
Mimic One: hey hey
Mimic One: was just trying to call you on the home phone
Mimic One: but then i realized that not having long distance means... i can't call long distance
RalphL1498: Mom had chemo today
Mimic One: wanna call my house? (left the cell at work by accident)
RalphL1498: Doctor had to decrease to dose from 1200 to 1000 due to the nefgative affect on her red blood cells
Mimic One: that's not good, eh?
RalphL1498: Well we will see
RalphL1498: It means that the chemo will not be as strong as he would like
Mimic One: so mom will be more comfy...
RalphL1498: Hope so
Mimic One: good
RalphL1498: But the chemo maynot be strong enough to stop the spread of the cancer

Mimic One: so he'll try to find a balance between the two? or do surgery again?
RalphL1498: We won't know anything for a couple of months
Mimic One: ok
RalphL1498: She cannot be cut on
RalphL1498: This treatment is the only thing to control it.
There is no cure
Mimic One: why can't she be cut on?
RalphL1498: She is postive and is planning on being around for Sharon's wedding in Nov
Mimic One: it's not so serious that she wouldn't be around in Nov... is it?
RalphL1498: The cancer is in her tissue
RalphL1498: Won't know until she has her tests in a couple of months
RalphL1498: Doctor Cody will not give us a time table
Mimic One: how are you?
RalphL1498: Each person is different and affect them differently. Mom is strong which is good
RalphL1498: I have my good days and sometimes I have a sad day
Mimic One: the church out here is praying for you both often... they always ask and genuinely care
Mimic One: as am i, of course
RalphL1498: Knowing that this will kill her is hard. Since there is nothing I can do to change it
Mimic One: do you not think this tumor set will go away?
RalphL1498: No
Mimic One: no as in you don't think it will go away? or no as in you don't think it will kill her..?
RalphL1498: It can be controlled but the cancer will appear somewhere else since it is in her blood stream
RalphL1498: She is in stage four cancer for which there is no cure, if she stops chem she would die in a short period of time
Mimic One: but there's no reason why she'd stop the chemo, right?
RalphL1498: she has been given 20 months so far
RalphL1498: There is no reason to stop since she wants to be around to see Sharon get married
Mimic One: but she'd consider stopping after that?
RalphL1498: Did you get the web site for the 200 dollar contoller
RalphL1498: I don't think she will
Mimic One: haven't looked at it yet
Mimic One: why would she?
RalphL1498: She would stop if she becomes a burden to me
RalphL1498: By that I mean she become bed ridden and needs a nurse to take care of her
Mimic One: she doesn't want that i take it?
RalphL1498: She doesnot want tobe like her dad before he died
Mimic One: ...are you ok with that?
RalphL1498: I understand - Love has strange ways of showing its self