50 First Dates

So yeah - just saw the movie 50 First Dates and it rawked.

Besides Drew Barrymore being one of the cutest actresses ever, the movie really is a fairly valid look at how love can conquer all. It's a movie that rests in the concept that true love - no matter how hard of a struggle to maintain, create, atempt - will always prevail. The in true love where people cleave together, yoke together, that they will give up past ways and past desires to please simply each other.

But in today's 2-career families with business of lifestyles, ease of attention from net chatters and ease of opening legs, how does this love apply to 21st Century Life?

The movie works because Adam Sandler's character devotes his life to Drew Barrymore's. He takes whole days off of work with no consequence. Her love, her life is more important to him than his own. And isn't that the way it should be? I mean, really should be?

It kills me how this world wounds us and slays us and forces us to eat darkness. We are over-sexed and under-clothed and too too proud.

I should not have to guard my heart! It shouldn't be so twisted and tormented that any relationship has to begin with a healing of wounds that the other placed there. It shouldn't be that I can almost expect others hearts to be as messed up as mine - or even more so.

It shouldn't be that the gifts of virginity and purity (two seperate gifts) are tossed aside because our minds get filled with images and stories that it has to recreate to understand.

It shouldn't be that we give attention and pieces of love to others... only to be torn asunder time and again.

I know now why girls like "chick flicks." The dream, the idealization that against all odds... there is another who loves them. There is another that gives up their work, their time - yea, their life - all for them. All for them.


What I don't understand is why we as humans yearn for this perfect love and throw obstacles in the way. We're scared of what others might think. This perfect love might not happen to fit into our future plans. This love might make people think differntly about us. This perfect love might make us think differently about ourselves - and forbid it that we be introspective.

And even when we find that love.. we think other things to be more important. Work, play. Sex, toys and video games. The dog, taking out the trash.

Ugh - now i'm just getting fiesty.

Why oh why have we fragile humans become so cruel and to break each other - so broken that we are scared to truly, deeply, passionately love?

Why is it that it takes a silly movie by Adam Sandler to put it all in focus instead of it already being there?